Planet Caravan is the third track off of Black Sabbath's second studio album Paranoid.

Geezer Butler has said that the song is about floating in space with your loved one. Ozzy sang through a Lesile speaker to achieve the vibrato and treble in his voice.

The piano portion of the track were played by audio engineer Tom Allom.


 We sail...
 Through endless skies
 Stars shine like eyes
 The black night sighs
 The moon...
 In silver dreams
 Pours down in beams
 Light of the night
 The earth...
 A purple blaze
 Of sapphire haze
 In orbit always
 While down...
 Below the breeze
 Bathed in cool breeze
 Silver starlight
 Breaks dawn from night
 And so...
 We pass on by,
 The crimson eye,
 Of great god Mars
 As we travel,
 The universe
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