Mob Rules
Mob rules
Released November 4, 1981
Recorded 1981
Length 40:25
Number of tracks 9
Label Vertigo (UK)
Warner Bros. (US)
Previous Album
Heaven and Hell
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Born Again

Mob Rules is the tenth studio album by Black Sabbath. It was recorded at Record Plant, Los Angeles, California and released on November 4, 1981.


  1. Turn Up the Night
  2. Voodoo
  3. The Sign of the Southern Cross
  4. E5150
  5. The Mob Rules
  6. Country Girl
  7. Slipping Away
  8. Falling Off the Edge of the World
  9. Over and Over


Aditional musicians


  • Martin Birch: producer and engineer
  • Eddie DeLena and Angelo Arcuri: assistant engineers
  • Ian Ferguson, Michael Howse, Les Martin, and Peter Resty: technicians
  • Dan Hersch: remastered (2008 reissue)
  • Greg Hildebrandt: cover illustration
  • Richard Seireeni: art direction
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Mob Rules
Turn Up the Night, Voodoo, The Sign of the Southern Cross, E5150, The Mob Rules, Country Girl, Slipping Away, Falling Off the Edge of the World, Over and Over