Iron Man is the fourth track off of Black Sabbath's second studio album Paranoid.

The song was later released as part of the We Sold Our Soul for Rock 'n' Roll compilation and released as a single by US label Warner Bros in 1971.

It barely received any air-time in the US and didn't have a single in Britain, however it did have a cult following, so therefore it got charted.

A new version was performed on the Reunion live album and won a Grammy Award for best metal performance.

Writing and Recording

When hearing the guitar riff for the first time, Ozzy Osbourne said that it sounded "like a big iron bloke walking about". The original title was "Iron Bloke" before Geezer settled on "Iron Man" and he started to write lyrics around that title.

Butler wrote the lyrics about a man who traveled into the future and saw the apocalypse. In process of returning to the present, he's turned into steel by a magnetic field. He's rendered mute and isn't able to warn people of his time in the future and of the impending doom. His attempts at communicating to them are ignored and mocked.

This causes Iron Man to become angry, and drives his revenge to man-kind by causing the same destruction seen in his vision.


 I am Iron Man
 Has he lost his mind?
 Can he see or is he blind?
 Can he walk at all,
 Or if he moves will he fall?
 Is he alive or dead?
 Has he thoughts within his head?
 We'll just pass him there,
 Why should we even care?
 He was turned to steel
 In the great magnetic field
 When he traveled time
 For the future of mankind
 Nobody wants him
 He just stares at the world
 Planning his vengeance
 That he will soon unfurl
 Now the time is here
 For Iron Man to spread fear
 Vengeance from the grave
 Kills the people he once saved
 Nobody wants him
 They just turned their heads
 Nobody helps him
 Now he has his revenge
 Heavy boots of lead
 Fills his victims full of dread
 Running as fast as they can
 Iron Man lives again!
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