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Tritnew0 Tritnew0 29 June 2019

Guess Who's Back?

Hello all, it's your admin, Tritnew. I'm back.

I just recently got back into the band after some time, and thought I would check on this place again after two years I believe. I expected this place to be dead, but I'm surprised to see that isn't the case. 320 pages, I remember there being about 70 or 100 pages at least and it just being me running it. Now there's tons of users and it ain't as much of a desert anymore!

Well, I'm back, and I'll be updating the Wiki's look and making a nice logo for the place. I'll see if anyone is on board to be mods or admins and help me run this place.

Anyway, thank you all for contributing to the Black Sabbath Wiki and for helping keep this place alive and well. Expect a lot more contributions and activity f…

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Nate0007 Nate0007 7 June 2019

Who is the model on the cover art for “Paranoid”?

Does anyone know who is the model who portrayed the “War Pig” on the cover art for Paranoid? I’ve been looking everywhere and I can’t find a single scrap of info about the model, I would also like to know WHERE the photo was taken too.

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Gringo300 Gringo300 19 June 2018

Ozzy Osbourne solo album articles

Yes, I know that probably exactly one other person besides myself will read this, but...

I'm leaning towards thinking that Ozzy Osbourne solo album articles really should go in a separate wiki altogether, but they're here, I'm not the bureaucrat of this wiki, and, as far as I know, there's absolutely nothing I can do about them being here.

Oh, while I'm at it...


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Gringo300 Gringo300 17 June 2018


I'll probably be working on this wiki kind of slowly, because I'm working on a bunch of wikis at once.

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Tritnew0 Tritnew0 16 September 2017

The Future of Black Sabbath Wiki

I know I've been saying "I AM GOING TO RUN THIS PLACE HUE HUE", but I've been getting into Black Sabbath again, so I'm motivated to run the wiki again.

However... My computer is severely broken and old, so I can't do much other then edit here and there.

So, whoever is bothering to read through the wiki right now: the future is coming on, and I promise that!

See you heathens later.


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Tritnew0 Tritnew0 25 February 2017


I'll be back to adding more pages and editing more pages.

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Tritnew0 Tritnew0 29 January 2017

R.I.P Geoff Nicholls

From the Rolling Stone article regarding his death:

Geoff Nicholls, Black Sabbath's longtime keyboardist who performed with the heavy metal legends for 25 years, died Saturday following a battle with lung cancer. He was 68.

"I'm so saddened to hear the loss of one of my dearest and closest friends Geoff Nicholls," Tony Iommi wrote on Facebook Saturday. "Geoff and I have always been very close and he has been a real true friend to me and supported me all the way for nearly 40 years. I will miss him dearly and he will live in my heart until we meet again. Rest in peace my dear friend." Quartz, Nicholls' previous band before he joined Black Sabbath in 1979, also confirmed Nicholls' death on Facebook. "Everyone in the band, and associated with t…

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Tritnew0 Tritnew0 24 January 2017

Getting Back On Track: Electric Boogaloo

I'm back... Expect I came back on the 24th.

Starting today I'll be working on the wiki and how it looks right now, I'll be working on the design and adding many articles on the site plus rarties and bootleg releases.

Later I would like to add in forums where we can discuss many things as well.

But what would really do me some good is if I had other users helping out the wiki, then it wouldn't be as dead now.

Anyway, back to work! Let's get the wiki rolling again.

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Tritnew0 Tritnew0 28 December 2016

I'll Be Back On January 3rd!

Alright, so now that I proudly own the wiki, I'll be takin a small break. When I come back I'll add pages for Master of Reality's tracks.

Oh, and Merry Late Christmas!

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Tritnew0 Tritnew0 20 December 2016

Haven't Been Able To Adopt It Yet...

Guess I'll just have to keep on editing and adding more pages 'till I can attempt it again.

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Tritnew0 Tritnew0 16 December 2016

Planning On Adopting The Wiki!

You heard that right, I'm planning on adopting this wiki here and doing a complete overhaul with how it looks, packing it full of pages, and adding a chat room.

It'd greatly help if any one of you who come by here can help me get this place running.

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Tritnew0 Tritnew0 15 December 2016

Sorry If I'm A Perfectionist

Usually I keep editing the same pages till I get them right, so sorry if any of you get annoyed. I'll try not to do it a lot.

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